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Voice broadcasting platform offers the ability to send voice messages to recipient’s phones (land lines or cell phones) in bulk, to one or many leads lists, at the click of a button. Our easy-to-use voice messaging campaign system in Voice Broadcasting application offers simple approach to upload audio messages as follows: Online upload via MP3 format. We make it simple to manage sophisticated voice broadcasting campaigns from concept to delivery in just a few simple steps. You can track the success of your voice messaging campaigns by viewing our online real-time reports.



Complete Campaign and supplier management, easily viewable leads details, can manage voice messages and view real-time lead’s reports


Php, HTML, CSS, Jquery, MVC framework, MySQL database, Linux server hosting, CentOS 6

Vsecure Panel

Vesure is an advanced application provided by Age Solution which offers advanced security to VOS Switch Data. It provides full management of VOS Switch Data and invoices.  This application is…


Rate Manager

Rate Management Application is build to compute rates on different destination according to different supplier. This application gives more specific information on rates using a tabular formation which helps user…


Retail Solution

Softswitch is application designed for doing as a management change which is used to handling the relationships at the link point of traditional Community Turned Phone System and VoIP systems.…


It was clear that Age Solution was the right choice.